We are a lab for projects on civic participation and political activism. From fostering mobilization networks in cities across Brazil to developing cutting-edge technology for activists, Nossas equips and connects people in order to impact politics every day.

We use methodology and technology to advance the transition to an open, transparent and inclusive political system. We strongly believe that true politics can only be done with the effective participation of citizens. Sign up here to become part of this movement!

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We have arrived.

We are the generation born at the end of history.
After the declared death of all utopias. But when it seemed history was over, we decided to rewrite it.

When they told us we had  democracy
, we decided we wanted more than democratic institutions: we wanted the end of the intermediation of our dreams by a political caste increasingly distant from us.

When they told us the world didn't see gender or color anymore
, we decided to rescue our historical heritages, repair present injustices, and denounce oppressive cultures.

When they convinced us that we had dominated nature
, we defended the importance and the fragility of our planet.

When they told many of us had reached material comfort
, we decided it would be more important to have access than property. We chose to experience more of the world with less baggage.

When they told us that the inclusion of all marginalized people would happen only through consumption
, we demanded citizenship.

Often, we express our distrust of what we were told by refusing to participate in a failed system
- and we stopped voting.

We stopped believing our voices would make a difference
because, too many times, it did not.

We ended up allowing tyrants to rise.
The fear to win. The prejudice to prevail.

But from all our disbelief, from all this silence, we will find a new voice. The energy to reorganize our way of producing the new.

We will create tools to deeply transform the way we make decisions.

If we succeed, we will be known as the generation that killed power. Because power only exists - and can only exist - if poorly distributed. In one place, it’s concrete, but in the air, it’s dust.

We express ourselves through means that can't be captured - invisible to those who consider only the perpetuation of their power.

We fight for the freedom to create the common and share ideas, territories and experiences.

We become visible through  mass movements, increasingly harder to explain - but able to spark revolutions.

We don’t want more cars, we want to be able to leave, and arrive. We don’t want more medicins, we want to live. We don’t just want things. We want the real capacity to produce whatever we decide to invent.

Education, sanitation, security, income, yes. But also diversity, creativity, respect - and the possibility of a world yet to come.

We don't want power, because we are potence.

As a lab for projects on civic participation and political activism, we are always looking for ways accomplish our mission: to equip and connect people in order to impact politics every day.

The first network designed and constructed by Nossas. Today it comprises ten independent but coordinated local activism networks that pressure decision-makers at the municipal level. All of them received intensive training by the central team and ongoing support for mobilization building to work toward a common goal: to build more just, inclusive and sustainable cities.

We believe in the power of connecting mobilizations between streets and networks. Our oneline activism strategies - focused on the integration of both online and offline actions - have already achieved great victories.

Here are some of our achievements:

We understand politics as a space of tension, interaction and intermediation between two fields:

Nossas and all the networks we promote always works under the same principles, being them:

Nossas's history begins in 2011 with the founding of Meu Rio, a local nonpartisan mobilization network that works to approximate the citizens to local politics and organize activists from Rio de Janeiro. Over its first two years of operation, Meu Rio achieved great victories and gained 100 thousand subscribed members.

In 2014, Meu Rio won an international prize for social impact, allowing for the creation of Nossas.
In the same year, we launched the Founders Program, with the goal of selecting and training engaged citizens from different cities to found organizations and collectives that, together, compose the Our Cities Network. Today, this network is already present in ten brazilian cities! And we won't stop there… Registrations for new founders are always open in the Program's website, here.

In 2016, the "feminist spring" and the emergence of many other beautiful movements inspired Nossas to start promoting different kinds of networks.
While the main team continues to expand and support the Our Cities Network, we also started to promote thematic and collaborative networks to connect activists across the country.

Now, we are constantly creating  better and better mobilizing tools to provide restless young people with alternative nonpartisan political action.

In order to keep our operation independent and nonpartisan, we don't accept resources from governments, political parties or public companies. Today, the networks Meu Rio, Meu Recife and Minha Sampa are a part of our Incubations; lab for us to test impact and mobilization strategies. 

Nossas and the incubated organizations work under the same legal and financial structure and are sustained by macro and micro donations. Our dream, however, is that all incubated organizations become fully sustained by micro monthly donations made by its members.



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